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Online Courses

Our long-form deep-dive courses. Learn everything you need to know about the subject at hand. CPD points typically range between 3 and 11 points per course. Also great for developing financial advisers.

Online Sessions

Looking for short-form content that you can implement and use quickly? The our online sessions are what you are looking for. CPD points typically range between 0.5 and 2 points per session.

Live Virtual Events

Our live events are available exclusively to our PROpulsion Pro members. You can learn more about this amazing community, the exclusive benefits, and how you can join by clicking here.

Learn in your own time

Any Time

Learn whenever it suits you. Early in the morning. Late at night. Any time in between.

Your Own Pace

Go as fast or as slow as you like. No waiting for others or holding others up. Revisit content as much as you like.

Any Device

Use any device to learn.
Mobile. Tablet. Desktop. Laptop. Start on one and continue on another.


Does not matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection.

What can you learn?

A variety of topics are offered and available.


All areas of financial planning are covered in detail. Perfect for financial planners and students alike. Tax, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Business Assurance, Trusts and more.

Practice Management

Various aspects of practice management are addressed through webinars and short programs. Aspects include social media marketing and technology.

Soft Skills

From hosting successful virtual meetings to habits to ethics. We got you covered. With more content being added continuously.

Earn verifiable CPD

All our self-paced online learning programs available on PROpulsion Learning are approved for CPD.

Each program’s approved CPD points are indicated in the program information on the site.

Earn between 0.5 and 11 verifiable CPD points per program. A certificate is immediately issued electronically for each program that you successfully complete. Furthermore, all CPD points are verifiable and meet both the Financial Planning Institute and FSCA requirements.

In case you wondered… we also offer some complimentary and sponsored programs! So be sure to check them out. 

Latest Courses and Sessions

Capital Gains Tax 2022

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) has a fundamental and direct impact on all areas of financial planning.  The impact of CGT can change a good investment into a bad one.  Disregarding

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Business Assurance Refresher

Helping business owners protect their business, personal estate and dependents against financial consequences due to unforeseen events is critical. The goal The goal is to help business owners: Protect remaining

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Budget Review 2022

We will discuss an analysis of the budget speech with a specific focus on the impact proposals will have on financial planning. We specifically discuss proposals not mentioned in the

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